Mindshake - exploring new ways of working for organisations

Consultancy and Training on Implementing New Ways of Working

Mindshake - new ways of working

It’s time for a Mindshake

We help organisations and employees implement new ways of working.
Whether we call it working virtually, flexible work, agile working or remote work –
the bottom line is working with a purpose, autonomy and a healthy dose of passion..

We help you create the needed behavioural change and supportive culture.
A culture of ownership and (virtual) collaboration, even when employees are working remotely.
And where leaders practise what they preach and
take the lead in the new way of working.


  • Better Job Satisfaction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Effective (virtual) Teamwork
  • Better Employer Branding


In our experience, you will get the best results when you approach the necessary change both top down and bottom up at the same time. Without a clear vision from the Management Team, the change process is doomed to fail. The same is the case when employees don’t see the need for change or when they don’t know how to change. A new way of working only works when all members of an organisation embrace it. For this purpose, an integral, people-centred approach is needed.

1. Vision & Principles

A new way of working is not an end in itself. That’s why it is essential to have a clear vision. To which greater purpose does it contribute? What change do you want to see exactly? In this phase, we help you create a clear and inspiring vision and goals. Besides that, we make sure that the guiding principles and frames are clear.


2. Lead by Example

Research shows that even when you invest a large sum of money in new ways of working,  the end result will not be successful, if management doesn’t act like it.
In the first phace of the change leaders of the company learn how to set an example. And how to encourage and support their workers in integrating new habits.

3. Activation

In this phase, you create a win-win situation. For employees, it becomes clear how the new way of working contributes to the organisation goals and what value it can bring to their personal work-life. With training and experimenting ‘on the job’ they learn how to integrate the new way of working in their daily routines.

Mindshake always works in close cooperation with HR, management and the responsible project team. Each program is custom made. This way the change aligns best with the current situation and the envisioned result.


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