Mindshake - exploring new ways of working for organisations

If this is the old way of working…

..then this is the new way..

Kom in beweging

How do you make it work..

Kom in beweging

..So your team can
spread their wings?

“Mindshake creates the energy needed to move people with great
enthusiasm. Mindshake is pragmatic and stimulates the organisation
and the individual with inspiring tools.”

– Inez Muis, project leader Natuurmonumenten
(Dutch Nature Preservation Society)

“The Mindshake Mix has definitely been an accelerator to inspire
new and different behaviours. The Mix activities engaged
and enthused a large group of employees.”

– Aart Roos, CEO Royal Auping b.v.

The world around us is changing fast. Are you happily keeping up? Or do you feel like you’re lagging behind?

Mindshake - new ways of working

It’s time for a Mindshake!

Discover how to keep up without feeling down. We offer practical help for organisations, teams and individuals.
Whether we call it New Ways of Working (NWOW), flexwork or working differently – the bottom line is working with a
purpose, autonomy and a healthy dose of passion. 
We don’t feel rich until the people we work with feel enriched.

Are you, your team or your organization looking for new ways of working, living and learning? Let us help you move forward
with flexibility and fun.


  • Attract and retail Talent

  • Engaged and enthusiastic staff

  • A healthy work-life balance

  • A future-focused organisation

  • Renewed teamwork

  • Renewed productivity

hnw - anders denken

Engage in an inspirational talk

This presentation creates awareness of the need to start moving in the right direction. Flexibility, adaptability and courage are vital. Whether you are an individual, a team or an entire organization, be inspired to ask yourselves, ‘Why do we do what we do?’. 

Do our online training

‘New Ways of Working’ (NWOW) help you to achieve more: on your own terms, at your own time, in your own space. It sounds straightforward. But experience shows that many people still stick to ‘the old ways’: they work more, and their work-life balance topples over. 

Team up: New Ways of Working Together

Are you about to switch to ‘New Ways of Working’? Or has your journey already started and do you see team cohesion deteriorate? Then your team will certainly benefit from our New Ways of Working Together (NWOW) team sessions. We will help you successfully implement NWOW and together, you’ll define the playing field and its rules to improve team results. Read more.

persoonlijke coaching

Beat work stress

Now that we can work whenever and wherever we want, the boundaries between our professional and our private lives are fading fast. Research shows that more autonomy and working flexibly can lower work-related stress, but it does require a new mindset. Start by learning how to set priorities and flex your personal leadership skills. 

The Mindshake Mix

New Ways of Working work better with a mindshake. Get your team on board for optimal results in just a few weeks.

The Mindshake mix


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Frequently Asked Questoins

Why would I choose Mindshake?

Mindshake is an integral approach that involves the
entire team in the change: it’s bottom-up and top-down.

What is the New Way of Working Together?

New Ways of Working Together means giving your team
the freedom and space to be successful on their own,
while staying connected in achieving team goals.

What do we mean by location-independent and
time-independent work?

Working location-independently and time-independently
means letting go of the nine-to-five mentality and finding
your own time and place to get work done.

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