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Coworking Space – 6 Benefits for Remote Workers

Coworking spaces are popping up all over. They offer flexible office spaces to employees of organizations, as well as individuals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Take in your laptop, and you will find yourself among like-minded ‘co-workers’: your colleagues from other companies if you like.

A coworking space offers different types of workplaces, often with a coffee corner and meeting rooms. Big names include Wework, Impact Hub, and Seats2meet. But smaller initiatives are also available.

Why would you as a remote worker choose a coworking space over your own office or home? Let me convince you with these six benefits.

1. New surroundings offer inspiration

Getting out of your familiar environment can deliver a boost of inspiration. A new space with new stimuli gives you a break from the daily grind. It enables you to look at your work from a new perspective, and interact with other remote workers.

2. A coworking space create the right mix of autonomy and interaction

Autonomy is a valuable part of your remote job. You work better when you decide how and when you work. The independence will boost productivity and job satisfaction. However, if you work from home often, you might feel isolated at times. A lot of remote workers readily admit they need the buzz of a bit more social interaction.

A coworking space brings you the best of both worlds. You are still fully autonomous, but working alongside others. You can feel part of a community, which can increase your motivation.

3. Crunch that commute with the nearest coworking space

With so many coworking spaces on the market, you won’t have to look far for one nearby. A shorter commute means you can be more flexible and avoid traffic. You could even meet colleagues halfway for a bit of face-to-face at a coworking space and cut both your travel times in half.

4. Space for serendipity

Working in a coworking space means meeting new and different people. Your water cooler moment might turn into a quick brain pick. Your desk could be right across from someone to bounce ideas off. If you are open to new ideas, your coworking space could be a treasure trove of serendipity contacts.

5. Knowledge sharing

With people from different backgrounds and disciplines, a coworking space can be an untapped source of new knowledge. Creating a network of ideas and inspiration is an essential part of coworking spaces like WeWork or Impact Hub.

6. Less distractions

A coworking space allows you to put your head down and get stuff done. Because you are not in your office, colleagues won’t interrupt you every other minute. Also, because you are not at home, chores and cohabitants won’t distract you. You can focus on what’s important. You might be amazed to see how much you can get done in a day.

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of a coworking space how about giving it a go yourself? Shake up your workspace and share your experience!

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Saskia Langenberg

Saskia Langenberg is the founder of Mindshake. With consulting and coaching she helps managers to build great remote teams. And remote workers to have a happy and productive work-life.

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