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Flexible Work – Shake up your workspace routine! 5 Space Shake benefits

The main benefit of flexible work is being able to do location-independent work. It’s your chance to shake up your workspace routine; to do the ‘space shake’.

Our current mobile life is powered by smartphones, laptops and tablets, so the sky – or in this case, Wi-Fi reception – is the limit when it comes to varying your workspace. However, not all of us make the most of the endless possibilities of flexible work (or remote work as it is often called). Do you? Or do you routinely go into the same office where you sit at the same desk, day after day, with the occasional afternoon of working from home?.

Shaking up your workspace routine requires a new outlook. If you think out of the box, you can take your work anywhere. A coffee place, the train, a park bench, your colleague’s home or a supplier’s office. Explore the possibilities and reap the rewards in these five key areas:

  • A space shake saves time
  • A space shake helps your work-life balance
  • A space shake increases creativity
  • A space shake boosts productivity
  • A space shake strengthens interpersonal connections

Find out below how you can utilize the benefits of using different workspaces.

1. A space shake saves time

With flexible work It is easy to cut out your hour’s commute twice a day: there is no need to travel far, especially if you lose valuable time crawling through traffic jams. Instead, start your workday at home, and travel later in the day – preferably to somewhere nearby. Perhaps you can take a meeting in a café, or in a co-working space like WeWork or ImpactHub. If you do this often, you’ll find you save valuable time and energy, improving your work and home life.

“Having the freedom to work where you want offers great advantages. I can use the time I would’ve spent in traffic to get some work done.”

2. Using different workspaces helps your work-life balance

Flexible work means allowing yourself to fit your work around your personal life. Would you like to take part in a school activity in the morning? Start your working day from home. Have a running date with a colleague in the afternoon? Have your joint meeting before and blow off steam after. Or use that long journey to get work done. I recently took a train trip to Paris, and managed to finish heaps of dreaded admin during the journey alone. It’s an excellent opportunity to focus without getting distracted by your direct colleagues.

workspace - train

Office on wheels: Amsterdam to Paris

3. A different environment increases your creativity

A new workspace creates a new perspective – literally – by stepping away from your usual surroundings. You can choose an outdoor space that provides a breath of fresh air, a library that inspires you, or a hot desk location in a cool space that helps you come up with new ideas.

Fully-serv(ic)ed office: a local coffee place

4. Remote work boosts your productivity

Jason Fried, one of the authors of Rework (2010), spent years asking people where they go when they really need to ‘get stuff done,’ and found that ‘my office’ is rarely the answer. Fried concluded that to finish tasks, we need long stints of uninterrupted time. In an office, interruptions are rife; from impromptu questions to a quick chat. Before you know it, you’re knee-deep in other matters, and the task you wanted to finish gets further and further away from you. It seems that both you and your work benefit from regularly retreating to your ‘getting things done’ space – wherever that may be.

Video Jason Fried - Why work doesn't happen at work:

“Because I get to play around with the places I work at, I’m more aware of how to plan my day most effectively.”

5. A space shake strengthens interpersonal connections

By now, you should feel confident you can pick any place you like. Flexible work also means you can surround yourself with whomever you like. Why not share a desk with a new colleague? Or spend some time in a different department and connect face-to-face instead of by email? A work-related sparring session can create new perspectives and strengthen communications.

“By moving around, I’m better connected to colleagues from other teams. It’s easier to discuss issues and learn from each other’s experiences. It’s a professional win-win.”

And now it's your turn!

There are many ways to shake up your workspace routine. Try a few and discover what works for you this week. Can you create better results and connections? More creativity, productivity and time? Might it improve your work-life balance? There is only one way to find out. Mark a new location in your schedule and do a space shake – it might taste like more.

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Saskia Langenberg

Saskia Langenberg is the founder of Mindshake. With consulting and coaching she helps managers to build great remote teams. And remote workers to have a happy and productive work-life.

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