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Virtual Team Success

From Remote Islands To a Strong Performing Team

1:1 Coaching for Virtual Team Leaders

Learn how to lead your virtual team effectively using proven strategies and collaboration tools.

As a virtual team leader you need to take care that:

  • Remote team members don't feel disconnected and disengaged
  • Your people are not operating like separate islands
  • Coworkers don't feel isolated and ignored
  • You keep the overview, in spite of the distance

Take Your Virtual Team to the Next Level

Let me be your guide in an online one on one coaching program to:

  • Get your team on the same page
  • Create a culture of trust and engagement
  • Effectively use online collaboration tools 

Saskia played a crucial role in making our remote team a real team

As an IT team, we had just transformed into a global virtual team with remote workers distributed across three countries and two continents.

Saskia played a crucial role in making our remote team a real team. She helped us create clarity and implement communication methods that were most effective for our remote team.

Thanks to her valuable help, we changed from a set of individuals to a real team that could successfully support our global users 24/7.

Bas Ursem
Global IT, Pharmaceutical Company

Schedule a free discovery call with me, where we assess your current situation. and determine the steps  to get your team to the next level.

About Me

My name is Saskia Langenberg. I have been working remotely since 2000.

I am from the Netherlands, currently living in Austria. 

With consulting and coaching I have helped hundreds of employees and their leaders to work remotely and make virtual teamwork successful.

In addition,  I teach the course 'virtual collaboration' at the University of Linz, Austria for the International Management Department.

I like to spend my time socializing,  but I am also known as a bit of an IT nerd.

Since I was studying in the 90's, I have been discovering and applying online tools that made me more productive and helped me connect to friends and colleagues.  This process has never stopped.

I love to show people how to use collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Gsuite, Skype, Slack, Evernote, in order to be effective and reach their goals.

My approach is structured, motivating and hands-on.

Above all, I love to show you new ways of working and the right mindset to improve the effectiveness of yourself and your team.

I turned my virtual teams into active and lively communities

Saskia helped me turning my virtual teams into active and lively communities. She provided me with useful insights and practical tips & tricks which I could apply right away.

This immediately boosted the communication, team-spirit and collaboration. Team members pro-actively embraced the changes right from the start, which is an essential indicator of the success.

The impact was much greater than I expected. And it was fun to do. Saskia’s communication was very clear and adaptive to my particular situation. She was quick and effective in tackling my questions.

Niels Tromp
Global Head of Tax, Arcadis


The price of this online coaching program of 6 online sessions is €1495 (ex VAT)

Included in the program:

  • 6 online coachings sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Tips & checklists that you can easily apply in your own team and business
  • Ongoing support using chat and e-mail in between sessions

Find out if this program fits your needs and schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with me, by clicking the link below.

Boost for our team

Saskia has given us a boost in the way we work together as a remote team.

Arjan van der Plas
Strategic Purchaser at Koninklijke Auping BV

In this call, we assess your current situation.  I will show you what steps to take to get your team to the next level. The discovery call is informal and free of any obligations.

I look forward to speaking to you! 

P.s. If you have a question or prefer to write me an e-mail, just contact me on saskia@mind-shake.com

Saskia is flexible and encouraging

While teaching a virtual course together with Saskia at the Johannes Kepler University, her flexible working manner and encouraging attitude always supported the students and me in making the most of the virtual setting.

I was greatly impressed not only by the richness and diversity of her experience in facilitating virtual work implementation at various companies, but also by the way she incorporated her past in enhancing the learning of our students.

Considering implementing and/or improving remote working within your firm, Saskia has the competence to support you and your colleagues

Edit Juhász
Senior Lecturer, Johannes Kepler University, Austria

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