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Online Team Workshop

New Ways of Working work best when you work as a team

Are you about to switch to ‘Flexible Working' or 'Remote Work? Or has your journey already started and do you see connections within the team deteriorate? Then you probably know that implementing this new way of working can be challenging.

Research shows that when implementing flexible working or remote work, difficulties often arise around collaboration and colleague interaction. 76% of employees worry about this.

  • Lack of personal attention – 49% feel there is too little attention for the personal wellbeing of colleagues.
  • Difficulties collaborating – 48% fear a deterioration of coordination and cooperation within the team.
  • Less supportive environment – 37% expects less support from colleagues because they will be more focused on their own results.

In addition, a large number of employees experience an uneven work-life balance, with 24/7 availability resulting in longer hours.

Do you want to overcome these challenges? then your team will certainly benefit from this ‘New Ways of Working Together’ team session.

Who is the team session for?

This session is beneficial for teams if one or more of the following apply:

  • You have switched to remote work or flexible working, but part of your team seems stuck in the ‘old ways’.
  • You and your team are about to start with Remote Work, but haven’t quite figured out how teamwork fits in.
  • You know you could do more, but it seems impossible to truly change teamwork.
  • Working remotely makes you feel like you’re missing out on face-to-face interaction.
  • If you are temporarily unavailable, you fear your colleagues might think you’re slacking off.
  • There is a lot of talk about trust and freedom, but they seem hard to come by in reality.
  • Your team is still more focused on physical presence and hours spent rather than actual results.

How do we solve this?

In a two hour long online team session, I will help your team successfully implement ‘New Ways of Working’ (NWOW).

Together, you’ll define the playing field and its rules for better team results.

You will feel more connected as a team, supported by mutual trust and freedom to make your own choices; and as a team, you will discover new ways of working together that will lead you to greater success and enjoyment.

What will we do?

In order to be well prepared for the team workshop, we will start with a half hour intake with the manager of the team (you?). 

In this NWOW team workshop, the team will learn:

  • how to work together around tangible team goals, even from a distance.
  • What mindset and behaviors are needed
  • Best practices for remote teams in terms of use of online collaboration, use of IT tools, and virtual meetings  
  • How to make agreements on availability
  • How to stay connected when you are not necessarily sharing an office at all times

Your team will be free yet connected, independent yet together. The new way of working together will be the accelerator to your success.

What have participants said about this team session?


Letting team members create their own practical solutions supported by useful advice, tips and tricks – what a good idea


What a great way to work out goals and increase NWOW engagement.


How wonderful to think beyond implementing New Ways of Working, and to also look at implementing within a team. After all, it’s not an individual effort, it’s a team effort.


I was surprised to see the level of enthusiasm when we made these clear, new commitments.

About Me

My name is Saskia Langenberg and I have helped over a 100 teams to make remote teamwork a success.

I am from the Netherlands and have been working remotely since 2000.

I love to help remote teams increase their performance by adopting a new mindset and new behaviors. My approach is motivating and hands-on. 

saskia langenberg

Boost for our team


Saskia has given us a boost in the way we work together as a remote team.

Arjan van der Plas Strategic Purchaser at Koninklijke Auping BV

Do you want to learn more about this online team session? Or do you have any questions? Schedule a free virtual chat with me.  

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